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ETC Product - V-Cutting Machine

▣ CNC V-Cutting Machine

This machine is bent to work in order to make good the bending operations when machining stainless steel plates and steel plates before the first job processing machines "V groove" Cutting the machines.

Characteristics of the machine has the information entered by the machine control unit is cut in the longitudinal direction of work Automatic status and assists in the width direction of home value automatically control the interval distance height direction sets the V-groove depth of cut material haejumyeon phase, work is done automatically. Non-skilled workers can be easy to work with beginners.

▣ Features

- After the steel body is strong and designed to focus on the safety and robustness

- Materials of this machine is fixed to Clamp system and the clean design having been almost no noise is working as fast and robust heomyeo Air Booster System is recommended to manage

- Having been mainly focusing on making the precision of the Table are not required to use a separate processing of the Table

- This requires the machine to the job during labor and material input and extract only the operation of the machine, Inverter Control System Works by NC Memory

- Precisely because of the previous work clamp when the machine is always increasing in frequency and bytes on either side processing is done safely

- This machine is "A" cut and "C" key without typing a single cut separate operation A cut, cut work done when working in C

- Transfer device of the machine tool rest was used as a ball screw guide rail is superior precision by using the LM guide

- This machine is the longitudinal and transverse direction (Yokogawa) can be either processed

- V-groove three bytes in the process (Tool) is processed at the same time, so each group divided evenly byte is a byte load is cut low life expectancy.

- Are clamped together with the preceding byte control field in bytes sides are always clam safe and precise

▣ Specifications