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Hydraulic Product - Bending Roller

▣ Feature

- The operationof the machineeasy andstrongdurabledesign and production

- Een Bending (Pre Bending)is possible andRolldownthe top Movethe lowerRollPan, or the upperRollpan, RoLLlowerfixingsuchdesignin twoType,wasproduced

- Guide RollRoll 2Setwithlowerdesign3Set,is producedRoll Thispreventssaggingcentralphenomenon(Sub-Roller)

- Rollmaterialmaintains anadequate rigiditytothe forgingof the SFsystem

- Automaticallycontrolled so as tofacilitateremoval of thefinishedpreformiscircular Sobe produced

- Rollis attached toa gridthat canread outtheircurrent location Andcan also beattached tothe OptionProjectionDigital Scale

- Min Working Dia:Rolltopshapex2 or 2.4

- Workup to6T ~ 50T

- Boteon expressions are expressions lever

▣ Dimensions

▣ Specifications