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Hydraulic Product - Cutting Machine

▣ Feature

High productivity-oriented design and production

- Consider the effective operation efficiency of field workers and making productivity-oriented design

High level of safety guarantee

- Prevent accidents caused by carelessness when working with failsafe and Removal shall immediately cause the return to a normal state

Any angle adjustment day

- Day angles with a simple button action, depending on the type of cutting material Can be adjusted arbitrarily

Strong ability panap

- Stumble avoid when working with a strong panap cylinder device, The chronic leakage phenomenon was removed

Fast-slow adoption of improved work efficiency

- Cutting speed dual pump using a high-speed-low speed It is possible to switch the operation efficiency can be improved
(9T X 2500 model applied to more than)

Rapid and thorough A / S guarantee

- Headquarters and operational at all times local A / S center quickly and thoroughly After-service guarantees

▣ Hydraulic Cutter Specifications